I believe people are at their best when they feel connected.
And it is my passion to help you.

Why YOU need amy

  • Build anticipation and excitement again.

  • Discover the life benefits that deep intimate connection can offer.

  • Bring in the tantra techniques simply without the woo-woo or namaste.

  • Stop feeling distant from your partner.

  • Have ease, confidence and variety in your love life.

  • Discover your core intimate connection even when there are physical limitations.

  • Learn to bypass-triggers.

  • Bring more pleasure and sensuality to your life.

  • Safely (re)define the boundaries of your relationship.

  • Drop resentment, expectations, frustrations, stress.

  • Repair your sexless marriage.

  • Change a sexual rut.

  • Learn skills, tools, techniques.

  • Increase your confidence.

  • Reconnect after a betrayal.

  • Overcome sexual trauma.

  • Navigate changes or babies.

  • Overcome fear of intimacy, vulnerability, body issues.

  • Navigate sexual discrepancies fetishes, kinks or interests.

  • Expand your repertoire.

  • Manage pain during intercourse.

  • Solutions for physical challenges, spinal injury or special needs.

  • Find realistic solutions for mismatched libido/erotic interests

  • Manage erectile dysfunction, challenges, premature ejaculation.

  • Learn to last longer.

  • Manage performance pressure.

  • Overcome lack of orgasm or ejaculation.

  • Individuals ~ keep on growing and expanding.

  • Express all of your aliveness.

Intimacy Therapy Coach

I’m Amy Color Intimacy Coach and like all great coaches I’m here to make things easy.
I’m a certified therapist, intimacy coach, TEDx speaker,  international trainer and clinical supervisor and more. 

I saw a need for a solutions based alternative to therapy that addresses our intimacy challenges and supports people feeling safe in connection. I created simple repeatable steps based on the brain and nervous system that foster physical trust and let your body speak. 

Intimacy is a juicy conversation without words.

My unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection for every-body. I’ve helped close to ten thousand individuals and couples in various situations, stages of life, physical and mental circumstances feel seen, understood, safe and accepted. 

I’ve founded the Intimacy Institute Inc. a clinical approach to intimacy. 
I’m certified in multiple therapeutic modalities including: Imago, Gottman, PACT, NLP, Addictions Training, as well as intuitive energy healing, reiki and others.
For over two decades I’ve immersed, researched, studied and helped thousands of clients at every stage of life and relationship situation in my private practice.

My nurturing, powerful, presence and sense of humor help put people at ease. I am known for making every-body feel safe.

Recently described as the Oprah of Intimacy, and the Tony Robbins of relationships.
A cross between Mae West and Dr. Ruth.

#AskAmyColor anything.

Hope doesn’t connect you but action will. 

Amy has studied the science of love, the chemistry of desire and the anatomy of pleasure.

mmhmm the science and sound of intimacy

Bring the senses into sensual,
the cure into curiosity
and the please into pleasure.

See my events and workshops, book me for a speaking engagement, listen to past radio shows or check out my TEDx or YouTube videos. I’d love to hear from you, send me a message, leave a comment, like or subscribe.

Meet Amy and hear what she's done for others in this 2 minute video.

We loved our time with you, and still practice our moves daily, it’s made a big difference. You are something special.
— A & C


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