Making gourmet intimacy available for every~body, is my dream.

Why YOU need amy

  • secure your intimate connection
  • learn a non-triggering wordless emotional language
  • bring more pleasure and sensuality to your life
  • safely (re)define the boundaries of your relationship
  • drop resentment, expectations, frustrations, stress
  • respectfully repair your sexless marriage
  • change a sexual rut
  • learn skills, tools, techniques
  • increase your confidence 
  • reconnect after an affair
  • overcoming sexual trauma
  • navigate family changes/babies/aging parents 
  • fear of intimacy, vulnerability, body issues
  • respectfully navigate fetishes, kinks, sexual interests
  • expand your erotic sexual repertoire
  • techniques for pain during intercourse
  • solutions for physical challenges, spinal injury, special needs
  • realistic solutions for mismatched libido/erotic interests
  • manage erectile dysfunction, challenges, premature ejaculation
  • learn to last longer 
  • manage performance pressure 
  • overcome lack of orgasm or ejaculation
  • individuals ~ keep on scoring, get a coach!
  • discover ~ you may not know what you may be missing

Intimacy Therapy Coach

Amy Color Intimacy Therapy Coach, international trainer and clinical supervisor and TEDx speaker, is also the founder of Intimacy Institute Inc. A clinical approach to physical intimacy. Throughout her life and while becoming a certified therapist in many modalities including: Imago, Gottman, PACT, NLP, ITAP, she saw a gap in traditional and sex therapy regarding physical intimacy, connection and sex.
For over two decades she's researched, studied and helped thousands of clients at every stage of life and in every situation of relationship in her private practice. Amy is a masterful life, coach and intimacy, sex therapist and holds multiple therapeutic certifications. She is known for her unique perspectives, entertaining, information, nurturing, powerful, presence, great puns and respectful yet somewhat bawdy sense of humor. 

Recently described as the Oprah of Intimacy, a cross between Mae West and Dr. Ruth. Amy Color has created simple repeatable protocols that work by make lasting positive impact with real life solutions for real life intimacy in real life relationships.

You can #AskAmyColor your questions (anonymously).

Intimacy is a juicy conversation without words.

Amy has studied the science of love, the chemistry of desire and the anatomy of pleasure.

Partial list of Amy's Therapeutic Certifications: Imago, Gottman, PACT, NLP, ITAP.

See Amy Color's events and workshops, book her for a speaking engagement, or listen to past radio shows.

Meet Amy and hear what she's done for others in this 2 minute video.

We loved our time with you, and still practice what you showed us daily, it’s made a big difference. You are something special. Thank you.
— A & C


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