Does sex increase intimacy?


Intimacy increases Sex! 
Sex, or intercourse is one way to express intimacy. Emotional intimacy doesn't automatically occur with sexual intimacy. People who are sexually involved may still be emotionally unable to feel intimately connected. They can still choose not to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with their sexual partner. In fact, people sometimes find it easier to be emotionally intimate with friends rather than with their sexual partner.

How about people who are happy to have sexual relationship without intimacy?
Sex without intimacy can be very fun and feel immediately gratifying, yet in the long run it might feel empty and unrewarding. A lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdown; it causes people to feel lonely in a relationship, even when they are having sex. 

Today men and women are socialized to relate to intimacy as sex. Too many men request sex as proof of love, and too many women give sex in hope of love. Many men do not have the language of emotions and intimacy. They are plagued by social expectations of performance, success, and achievement, and suppress their deepest desires. Many women may be well versed in the social language of feminism, romance, or porn, but they are unaware of their own personal embodied femininity, sensuality and intuition. Sexual intercourse is an exchange of energy. Even if it is meaningless sex we are affected by the other person’s energy, and we carry this energy with us, long after the sex is over. A one-night stand can be energetically charging, nourishing, and healing when it is done consciously with a person who carries the right energy.