My goal as a couple's intimacy coach.

Intimacy, is not something that can just be talked about, it must be felt and experienced!
You can talk about sex and intimacy issues with your doctor or sex therapists with certain expected results. 
A pill for him and then you schedule date nights, and still do not address your desire for a more fulfilling physical intimacy. How will you express that you may want to be touched in a different way, or what new things can we do break the relational rut that can kill long term desire. You can schedule the dialogue or the conversation, the Sunday mornings in bed, but you are still only doing the moves that you know. Porn will not teach you pleasure - or consent, but that is for different conversation. 

I believe that when the intimate connection is strong that argument about the toothpaste might just go away on its own.
We all want deeper connection! My goal is for my clients to experience a new way of being together. 
Everything I do comes from my heart. I am here to create and hold the feeling of safety, support and love, sharing the appropriate tools, so that you can experience the feeling of deeper connection with your partner. When you feel connected and secure in your relationships you can access your passion, purpose and aliveness, freeing you to express yourselves intimately. 

My clear boundaries allow me to offer a safe space for your connection. I believe real understanding comes when you become aware of your own and your partners’ body language of sensuality. In this unique professional experiential way, you will discover and strengthen your intimate connection whether there are issues or not.
Intimacy is a skill, and therefore can be learned.