What can I do to feel secure in a relationship?

Q: I'm in a relationship with a man that always gets mad at me and really never calls at night after eight and gets angry with me if I don't answer my phone, he just wants everything his way and he don't make me feel secure in the relationship. What can I do??? -- After8

A: Well After8.
None of it is about you! Which means there is nothing You can do to alter his behavior. 
He sounds frustrated and angry in his life. If he is not calling you after eight I would imagine as you obviously are, that he is keeping a secret, and he sounds like a control freak. Now on to your real question.

What can You do to feel more secure in a relationship? Is the questions you’ve ask about You.
You can learn what it is to have a secure relationship with yourself. You've heard someone described as 'secure with themselves, this means they like themselves and have healthy boundaries. When you feel secure with yourself,  you will not allow yourself to be with people who make you feel insecure. Make sense?

To feel secure with someone is to trust and feel safe with that person. 
Are you creating that feeling of being a secure person for yourself?
Imagine someone you love with all your heart, like your own child or a puppy, you want only the best for them and would protect them with your life.
Now realize that You are that person.

You are your own life’s manager so protect and care for yourself as you would your dearest loved one. Surround yourself with people who make you feel your best and supported. This is what it is to trust and feel secure with yourself, so you can then feel secure in a relationship.