Are you ready for better intimacy and sex? Here are 3 ways to 'set the mood'.



Getting in the mood -together- is about calming the mind and synchronizing your rhythms. Here are three simple steps to follow. 

‘Create a state change’

Agree to connect by dropping resentment and to-do’s on the other side of the door. Leave your phones, chores and expectations to be present and connected. Put a scarf over the lamp* so you know we are not in the bedroom to organize the drawers or just talk, you came to enjoy physically intimacy.

‘Like music to my ears’

Just like in sports there’s the pregame music that pumps-you-up then National Anthem that unites you. Nothing sets the mood like music. Do you feel like a tango, two-step or twerk. Make playlists that are just for you and your team mate. You can make different ones for romance, play time, do make one just for repair and another one that’s just for those secret erotic adventures. 

'Say my name, say my name’

We all love to hear our name spoken lovingly it calms the nervous system especially from someone who loves us. Pet names are great, and I also want yours lips to hold their public name the safest. Say your partners name lovingly into their neck, chest and especially into their private parts during private moments for extra impact. Hearing your name spoken lovingly from your partner dramatically increases intimacy and connection.