Why Do You Feel Lonely After Sex? What Can You Do About It?

We go into a sexual encounter to feel the love and connection with our partner. If we go into an encounter without taking the time to feel present and connect we might miss the entire point of the encounter. For example Kevin and Jackie had a 3 step sex strategy: Get in, get off, get out. It felt like a chore and she felt lonely because something was missing. Intimacy!

Maybe you are both present and connected and right before climax one of you checks out and goes to a fantasy to help ‘finish’. When either of you checks out the other knows it, feels abandoned and at the most vulnerable intimate time and this is feels like loneliness.

Intimacy is the bodies communication bond and trust it's what makes you feel connected and leaves you wanting more. Stay present, let your partner feel that they are wanted, desired, safe and loved.

Here are 3 things that will increase the feeling of connection.

1. Begin with my signature sound mmhmm, this will get you both in the same mood, synchronize your breathing, heart beats and brainwaves.
2. Open your eyes, look at each other. In-to-me-see.
3. Say each others names. We all want to hear our name spoken on the lips of love.

Stay connected. Let your partner know that you are there for them and with them. That it is them that you desire want and adore. I hope this helps.