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This informative 1st time offered online free live webinar is based on my two decades of unique experience creating a solutions based alternative to sex therapy where people felt supported like coach would be.
This webinar is for everyone who wants to make deep intimate connection quickly and easily without years of talk therapy.

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Breaking the routine dropping lists and responsibilities?

Do you wish you knew how to have someone open up and share themselves with you?
Do you wish you were as comfortable with a partner as you were with your computer?
Is feeling happy, safe, wanted seen, and understood missing from your relationship? 
Do you wish you could reconnect, restore, deepen, heal your relationship?
Do you feel like your life has become about lists and responsibilities?
Are there health or physical limitations impeding your confidence?
Are there secrets, trauma, abuse or shame hindering your intimacy?

“Amy’s wisdom and grace opens you to the true meaning of intimacy” — Becky & Carl 

Imagine knowing how to drop lists, resentments, distractions and feel synchronized in a matter of a few moments.
Picture feeling sexually confident instead of sexual pressure. 
How would your life feel if you were in a secure, loving, trusting, intimate relationship full of cuddles and adventures?
I want you to be ‘expanding and growing’ instead of feeling the drudgery of ‘working on it’. Would you be open to experiencing this if it was available to you?

If you’re looking to feel secure and confident in your relationship/s, if you’d like to feel like teammates instead of roommates, then contact me. I’ve spent almost two decades creating Intimacy Coaching, changing the way people connect and heal the space between them. My revolutionary techniques have helped close to ten thousand individuals and couples.
Experience it yourself.

Hope doesn’t connect you but action will. 

The Keys To Connection -
FREE LIVE Webinar Is For Everyone

Intimacy is the thing we all crave…
…it does not matter your age, gender, status, sexual preference, if you’re new parents, newlyweds, newly divorced or in a new relationship, if you have pain, physical disabilities, sexual dysfunctions or challenges when it comes to intimacy we all need support. I’m here in your corner.

~ Wondering if we can save this?
~ Wanting to feel connected even when you are not together.
~ You know there is more to sex and intimacy but you dont know what it is.
~ You’ve heard of tantra but don’t want woo-woo or namaste.
~ You find yourself feeling distant from your partner.
~ You want ease, confidence and variety in your love life.
~ You deserve intimate connection even with physical limitations.

About Amy Color

I’m Amy Color Intimacy Coach and like all great coaches I’m here to make things easy.
I’m a certified therapist, intimacy coach, TEDx speaker, international trainer and clinical supervisor and more. My unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection. I’ve created tools that foster intimacy for every-body. 

I saw a need for a solutions based alternative to therapy and sex therapy that addresses our intimacy challenges and supports people feeling safe in connection. I created simple repeatable steps that I discovered by helping thousands of individuals and couples in various situations, stages of life, physical and mental circumstances feel seen, understood, held and accepted.

I’ve spent almost two decades creating Intimacy Coaching, changing the way people connect and heal the space between them. My revolutionary techniques build new neuropathways for the brain, rewiring the nervous system, building the bodies communication bond and trust. I’m passionate about people feeling safe in connection, I’ve helped close to ten thousand individuals and couples and I want everyone to benefit from these simple tools.

Wondering if your relationship can be saved? I’m here to share alternative perspectives and methods to renovate your bridge to connection.

(maybe this works somehow. I leave it with you) Science of love

Anatomy of pleasure. 

Chemistry of desire.

I can help you:
~ Build anticipation and excitement again.
~ Discover the life benefits that deep intimate connection can offer.
~ Bring in the tantra techniques simply without the woo-woo or namaste.
~ Stop feeling distant from your partner.
~ Have ease, confidence and variety in your love life.
~ Discover your core intimate connection even when there are physical limitations.

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In This FREE Webinar You Will;

Understand what intimacy is and what it is not.
Learn my unique proven new way to communicate, build trust and bond with your partner.
Learn what mistakes to avoid.
Learn tools that help heal your body’s memory from past incidents as I have done with thousands.
Learn how to get in the same mood at the same time.
Know how to bypass the fight, flight or freeze part of the brain to hear, trust and let your body speak.
Feel like you are growing and expanding your game.
Have tools to help your relationship even if your partner won’t join you.
Understand your blocks to winning in intimacy.
Learn how to make any encounter memorable.
Learn what it really takes to be a great lover and excellent partner.
Understand how to bring more pleasure, love and connection to your life.

Amy makes everything safe.

You are so delicate, compassionate and fun.

You have so much embodiment of wisdom. Thank you for sharing.

The Keys To Connection -

WHEN: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00p-2:30ish

Tune in LIVE for details and special offers that won’t be available any other time.

Webinar Recording Video will be available if you’ve registered for 3 days - through Saturday, February 2, 2019
WHERE: After you register watch your mailbox where I will send the link to the LIVE ZOOM Webinar. When you join the live zoom class my video is on and participants video is off. All comments and chats will be private and directly with me. Your participation is encouraged so is doing what is right for you.

WHY: Intimacy can be a scary topic and I am here to help. I’m a sweetheart with a wicked sense of humor, I make things safe and easy.
I’m giving away my favorite tools because I’m here, I care, get used to it.

WHO: You. Share this with a friend. Try saying something like: Amy's experienced and a sweetheart and makes everything safe. Let’s check this out. Maybe there's something in this webinar for you. 


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