Connection is the Foundation of Intimacy. 

I believe people are at their best when they feel connected. And it is my passion to help you.

Intimacy is when you feel connected, understood, safe to open up and be seen. Lack of intimacy can show up as rage, frustration, arguments, affairs, porn, erectile challenges, pain, lack of pleasure, depression, weight gain, overspending, social withdraw, overcompensating... Intimacy is the main reason for relationship breakdown. 


A coach doesn't just talk to you about football. A dance teacher doesn't just tell you how to dance. A coach shows you the moves that work for you, how to connect as teammates, and learn your dance to your song.

I’m Amy Color, Intimacy Coach.

I’m Amy Color, Intimacy Coach and like all great coaches I’m here to make things easier.

I’m a certified therapist, relationship coach, TEDx speaker, clinical supervisor and international trainer, and more. 

I saw a need for a solutions-based alternative to therapy that addresses our intimacy challenges and supports people feeling safe in connection. I created simple repeatable steps based on the brain and nervous system that let your body speak and foster emotional and physical trust. 

My unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection for every-body. I’ve helped close to ten thousand individuals and couples in various situations, stages of life, physical and mental circumstances feel seen, understood, safe and accepted. 


mm-hmm the science and sound of intimacy.
Bring the senses into sensual,
the cure into curiosity
and the please into pleasure.
— Amy Color

I want every-body to feel safe in connection. 

When you feel secure everything else can be negotiated. It's easier to get over life’s irritations when you are feeling connected and confident.
It makes sense that people fear discussing relationship and intimacy challenges because it feels like just talking might bring up more issues. I understand. I want you to feel fully supported and be ‘expanding and growing’ instead of ‘working on it’.

Book a FREE consultation, join me at a workshops or schedule a private session in person or via Skype.

Intimacy is a juicy dialogue without words.



You’re in a secure, understanding, loving relationship.
You feel safe, playful and connected with a partner.
You feel seen, desired and loved in your relationship.
You can reconnect, restore and heal your relationship?
Break the routine, drop lists and responsibilities.
Enjoy connection even with health or physical limitations.
Heal from shame, trauma, and past incidents.
Bring back curiosity, discovery and passion.
Feel more trust, bond and connection.

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You’re in a secure, understanding, loving relationship.
Feeling performance confidence instead of performance pressure.
Knowing how to make a memorable connection.
You’re comfortable connecting in real life.
Healing from shame, trauma or past incidents.
Breaking the repeat intimacy pattern.
Fostering adventurous intimacy from the beginning.
Learn the keys that make a connection amazing.
Learn how to express your desires even without a partner.

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