Feel connected to your sexual vitality, regardless of your relationship status.


Individual Intimacy Therapy - sexy is an inside job

Your sense of aliveness is a reflection of your sexual energy and inherently in your own control.
Just as you are responsible for your own nutritional needs whether or not you have a partner, You are also in charge of your sexual needs. Sexuality evolves and boundaries shift throughout your lifetime. Whether you explore, suppress or hide, your sexuality it's there. Your pleasure deserves to be acknowledged, expressed and explored with care. My straightforward techniques will boost your confidence giving you practical skills to creating more intimacy in your life. 

Feel sexy, alive and learn to deepen intimate sexual encounters, even when you don't have a partner. 
Feel sexy and desirable, no matter who is in your life and without having to make unhealthy decisions. Within my professional parameters I act as your partner through my series of exercises and counscious touch you learn how to be present and connect, by experience. This can be fully clothed and comfortable like in my workshops or when appropriate the sessions can include one way therapeutic touch for pleasure and possibly climax. Learn the techniques that heighten full body pleasure.
How to use masturbation to be a better lover. Safely explore your erotic desires and expand your sexual repertoire.

Heal intimacy and sexual issues or trauma without burdening your relationship or when you don't have a partner. 
In my powerful nurturing presence you will experience the growth and healing that comes from feeling safe, allowed and deeply connected. We will address any emotional, physical challenges by noting the issue and then through a series of exercises movement and touch, you have an embodied therapeutic healing session that directly addresses your unique topic.
Somethings need to be experienced to be understood and healed, like feeling nurtured, safe during pleasure or orgasm. You are in good hands. You are not alone.

The 3 Steps Of Satisfying Sex

Understand what makes for a satisfying sexual encounter. Learn my simple repeatable techniques that foster deep intimate connections for a better more satisfying sex life, alone or with a partner. 


Men's Sexual Health and Empowerment. Expectations, Messages & Masculinity

You have my support and expertise in male, social, sexual, health issues. My sessions are not about talking so you will feel safe! I am especially experienced in men's sexual health and empowerment. I have solutions for prostate issues, most erectile dysfunction, techniques for premature ejaculation, lasting longer. Understand the effects of porn and learn to use to your porn viewing to your benefit. I am passionate about helping you feel confident and well equipped, so to speak. 
I understand the expectations on men performance, porn, power and commitment to name a few. Learn, experience and practice how to be your authentic sensual self, express your needs in a way that will have your partner open to you.



Understand what makes us feel intimately connected. Learn to know what you like and express your pleasures for a better more satisfying sex life, alone or with a partner. 


Female Sensual Empowerment. Expectations, Messages and Pleasure

Learn to discover, feel and express your pleasure, desires. Feel empowered by your sexuality. Experience safe intimate present touch without sexual pressure, increase your body awareness and acceptance discover your inner erotic muse. Reclaim power and pleasure in all parts of your life. I find ways to manage female social sexual health issues. I've helped find solutions to pain during intercourse, prolapse bladder or uterus, menopausal symptoms, low libido. Learn to bring the best out in yourself and your partner. Experience intimacy and connection in a new way, discover or rediscover pleasure, fantasy or adjust to arising challenges. 

individual Intimacy Therapy for men & women

I just wanted to thank you for my session and tell you that you are amazing at what you do - no one can match you. There is only one Amy.
— P.B.

$180 / 1 hour
$250 / 90 min
$320 / 2 hour

Individual PACKAGES

Commit to your continued growth with a three or five session package. *Includes a Skype follow up session. 
3 Session Package: 2 hours per session, 6 hours total / $1,200
5 Session Package: 2 hours per session, 10 hours total / $2,000


By accessing the simple tools that were experienced in our sessions, we can revive the feelings of presence and aliveness. Available to existing clients. 

$70 / 15 min
$100 / 30 min
$150 / 1 hour


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