Create an intimate connection

Experience more purring and less barking!

Intimacy and connection can’t just be talked about they need to be experienced. Whatever your relationship situation or intimacy challenges, you are not alone. Intimacy can become the elephant in the room. You might withdraw, argue, take up over-shopping, night time eating, sneaking or porning rather than talk about issues.

Men and women experience intimacy differently. When we feel safe to connect we feel more confident and alive. Whether you want support for yourself or to learn and share with a special person I’ll coach you to harness your sexual energy, express and own your wants, desires and boundaries with or without a partner in your life.


Key Benefits

Bring intimacy and confidence back into your life.


Release shame. Drop resentment, expectations, frustrations, stress. Reconnect after a betrayal or affair. Navigate family changes, babies, aging parents.


Have better communication skills, define your boundaries, learn new skills and techniques, avoid pain during sex, last longer, navigate physical challenges and disabilities. Gracefully and respectfully manage divorce or break-up.

Manage & Overcome

Get a handle on sexual trauma, fear of intimacy, vulnerability, body issues, sexual discrepancies and interests, erectile challenges, premature ejaculation, performance pressure, anorgasmia, and lack of orgasm.

The session PAckages

Hope doesn’t connect you, but action will.

Ready to make a change? Get a free consultation or sign up for a Package now.

THE Session package   Sometimes one session is enough. And sometimes it isn't. After our  FREE 20 minute consultation  I will suggest a plan of 1, 3 or 5 sessions, that will best support your unique situation, whether that as individually, together or both.   Each Session is a 3-part package  designed to keep you feeling fully supported. It can be in person or via video conference.   1. Pre-session check in.    Allows you space to be completely honest and allows me clarity how to best support you.  2. One-on-One session.  This is all about your experience. Up to 2.5 hours.  3. Post session check-in.  Allows you time to share anything since our session.

The 3 Step Kickstart

Kickstart your intimacy. Experience more connection in your life and relationships with simple repeatable tools and techniques.

For singles or couples.
3 Personalized bi-weekly 30 minute video sessions for an individual or a couple.
Pay-As-You-Go $150 per session

Pre-Purchase Kickstart Package. $375.

You’re so comfortable that you made us comfortable. You completely changed the way we approach each other. Thank You. We are both calmer, super grateful we found you.
— Linda & John
1-2 Day Intimacy Intensive   Your own personalized one-on-one, mini retreat. Real solutions and perspective reset. 8-10 hours of full personalized attention. This package is excellent as a vacation destination, relationship reset, recovery from affairs or betrayal, or a delicious anniversary gift. Learn wordless dialogue and experience deeper intimacy ~ together.  This package contains 3-parts .   1. Pre-session check in.    Allows you space to be completely honest and allows me clarity how to best support you.  2. Full day/s session/s.  This is all about your experience. Come for a day or two and leave with tools for a lifetime.   3. Post session check-in.  Allows you time to share anything since our session.

5 Weeks To Connection

Simple weekly exercises will transform your communication, trust and bond ~ the foundations of intimacy. Build your security, confidence and connection in all parts of your relationship and life.

For singles or couples.
5 Personalized and focused weekly 1 hour video sessions for an individual or a couple.
Pay-As-You-Go $250 per session.

Pre-Purchase 5 Week Package. $1000.

You’re the real deal. Our experience with you has certainly helped us become closer and more adventurous.
— Kam & Paris
A La Carte Menu    A Month of Personal E-mails.  You have access to me through email support. it's like having a friend/coach on call. This is a perfect solution for support if you are feeling shy, require discretion, privacy, or more spontaneous correspondence and are looking for caring, support and coaching.   A Month of Personal Phone Calls.  I'm here as your coach to support you right where you are with realistic, respectful, professional advice, tips and perspective when needed. Feel supported through challenging times knowing that you are not alone. I am only a phone call away.

The MVP (Most Valuable Partners) Transformation

This 3 part, 5 session couples package is designed to keep you feeling fully supported.

For couples only.

1. Pre-Session Check-In
Up to 1 hour each. This individual coaching time allows you each the time and freedom to be completely honest and allows me to understand how to support you individually and together.

2. Couples Session
Up to 2 hours. Building on the information from the Pre-Session Check-In, this is your couples session and it’s all about your connected experience together.

3. Post-Session Check-In
Up to 1 hour each. This follow up allows you each to share anything that may have come up since the couples session.

MVP Transformational Package. $1750.

Pre-Purchase the MVP Transformational Package before 12/14/2019 for $1500.


The best players have a coach

I’m here to help you win.

The Process: How I coach you

I am respectful about your situation. And even though it may feel serious, we can approach it in a light and playful way that allows you to feel calm and at ease. My clear, clean boundaries keep you feeling safe and comfortable as I lead you through intimacy building exercises and conversations that are just right for you.

I am passionate about keeping you feeling safe, connected and confident. Intimacy affects all parts of your life.

I deeply care and can help you heal intimacy and sexual issues or trauma without burdening your relationship and when you don't have a partner.

I am honored to be an integral part of your most sacred space.

The work: How we do it together

Together, we will address your individual or shared needs, wants, desires, frustrations, curiosities, unfamiliar edges, and boundaries without risking your relationship.

I will help you feel super, extra secure and solid in your physical, non-verbal, intimate connection which then allows for more trust, playfulness, passion and capacity for forgiveness!

I will teach you simple repeatable tools and techniques that foster physical and emotional trust, secure your bond so that you can drop the stories, frustrations, lists and be more curious to share pleasure ~ together. 


The Results: What you can expect

You will have tools that create a connection in a matter of moments. These are simple, physical gestures, dialogues, and language cues that you can incorporate and practice so that you keep looking forward to more intimate encounters. 

You have a coach in your corner even between sessions by connecting before and after our time together. I have no judgements I am here to support you in whatever way is best for you.

You will learn techniques that work for your individual situation. We'll explore together how you can dodge triggers and argue less, heal trauma wordlessly, even learn ways to touch, kiss or give each other mind-blowing full-body pleasure. 


We moved back in after our consultation! He’s the one who says “call the coach”.
— D & T


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