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Bring Amy’s wisdom, warmth and unique perspective to your event. As you can see from my TEDx and hear from Videos, Radio and Podcasts I bring ease, respect and a sense of humor to a taboo subject. I create an experience ~ an intimate connection with audiences.

”Your connection with the audience was palpable.
You had us all in the palm of your hand.”
— Melissa J. Haynes, Script consultant & author ‘Learning to play with a Lion’s Testicles’

Intimacy is the thing we all crave…
…it does not matter
age, gender, status, sexual preference, new parents, newlyweds, newly divorced or in a new relationship, if people have pain, mental or physical disabilities, sexual dysfunctions or challenges when it comes to intimacy everyone needs support.
I believe people are at their best when they feel connected. And it is my passion to support them.

From PG to R rated audience. I support intimacy and connection with grace, ease and respect for everyone.


Past Events

2019 International Burn Conference Vancouver: Upcoming - Intimate Connection for Post Traumatic Survivors and Heroes
Imago Couples Therapists International Conference: Healing The Space Between: Deepen emotional and physical connection through experiential practices and non verbal dialogue.
Relationship Paths Institute: Qatar & Dubai: Clinical Intimacy Theory and Practices for MFT
Moment Meditation: 3 Keys To Great Sex.
University Psychology, Communications, Social Studies, Business Faculty & Students: 3 Keys To Connection
VGH Sex Health Staff: Spinal Cord Injuries, Mental & Physical Disabilities, Sexual Health Intimacy & Connection
University Student Group: Consent in the #MeToo Age | So You Wanna Be A Great Lover | Porn & Reality | Harness Your Horny
CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show: Erection Challenges & Prostate Health | Sex Doll Brothels | Sex Is Not Intimacy
Gross Misconduct Live Radio Show: Monthly discussion call in QnA
Vancouver Real: Real Intimacy For Amazing Sex
Roundhouse Radio: Healing Sexual Trauma | Staying Together
Numerous Podcasts: Why Couples Lose Intimacy | How To Turn On | Fix Your Sex Life Without Talking | Porn & Erection Challenges and so many more… Talk to me about what works for your audience.


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