The 3 Steps To Connection ~
The keys to unlock vulnerability and lock in security.
Intimacy for every body.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00pM-2:30pM
Wednesday, February 6, 2019 1:00pM-2:30pM
Wednesday, february 13, 2019 1:00pM-2:30pM

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This first ever online course and it is for everyone who wants to make a deep, intimate connection, quickly and easily, without years of talking about their relationship. This 3 step course expands on the 3 Keys FREE Live webinar.

Hopefully you’ve seen the 3 Keys FREE Live webinar and you are ready to implement these keys to transform your relationship/s in marriage or partnership, dating, intimate encounter or even business interactions. Learn how to integrate the 3 keys into a roadmap for success in any situation.

Join me as I take you through the 3 step program to creating secure satisfying intimate connection no matter what your situation. Wether that means a meeting, date, encounter, conversation
The solutions I will share are based on nearly two decades of my research, study and experience creating a neurological and real alternative to traditional talk therapy.

I’m Amy Color, your coach. I believe people are at their best when they feel connected. And it is my passion to support you.

Two myths about relationships. 

1. Improving your relationship will improve your sex life. 

Not true.

2. Improving your sex life will improve your relationship. 

Not true.

Both need to be worked on at the same time with parallel conversations in your relationship.

Connection is the Foundation of Intimacy

You know how to have someone open up and share themselves with you.
You are as comfortable with a partner as you are with your computer.
You feel understood, safe, and wanted in your relationship.
You can reconnect, deepen, and heal your relationship.
You can feel performance confidence, even if there are physical limitations.
You can release shame, secrets, trauma and reclaim your intimacy.
You can drop stress, resentments, to-do lists, and connect quickly and easily.
You are in a secure, trusting, intimate relationship full of cuddles and adventures.
You feel like teammates instead of roommates.
You feel like you are ‘expanding and growing’ instead of ‘working on it’.

In This FREE Webinar You Will:

Understand what intimacy is and what it is not.
Learn my unique, proven, new way to activate the oxytocin, the love hormone.
Build your body’s trust, communication and bond.
Learn about triggers and what mistakes to avoid.
Use neuroplasticity to rewire your body’s memory from past incidents.
Learn how to get in the mood at the same time as your partner.
Know how to bypass the brain’s fight, flight or freeze triggers.
Learn to hear and understand your body language.
Have tools to connect your relationship even if your partner won’t join you.
Understand your emotional and physical blocks that inhibit intimate connection.
Learn how to make a memorable encounter.
Understand and learn what it really takes to be a great lover and excellent partner.
Bring more pleasure, love and connection to your life.

past workshop participants are talking

It was a great experience and we both thank you for helping us. — C & S
So authentic, playful, insightful, and memorable! — G & M
Amy’s wisdom and grace opens you to the true meaning of intimacy. — Becky & Carl
You are so delicate, compassionate and fun. — Hiro
Thank you! I needed to know this information! — Brandon
I was right when I told him it didn’t matter! — Mary
You have so much embodiment of wisdom. — Li
You’re the real thing.  — Mac
Best workshop she’s ever dragged me to! lol — S. a happy husband

Experience it for yourself.
Hope doesn’t connect you but action will. 

This FREE LIVE Webinar Is For Everyone

Intimacy is the thing we all crave…
…it does not matter
your age, gender, status, sexual preference, if you’re new parents, newlyweds, newly divorced or in a new relationship, if you have pain, physical disabilities, sexual dysfunctions or challenges when it comes to intimacy we all need support. I believe people are at their best when they feel connected. And it is my passion to support you.

This live workshop has already been attended by hundreds; individuals, couples, straight, gay, purple, people in wheelchairs, caretakers, parents, university students, therapists and more. I've had couples reconnect just from hearing about the tools from other attendees. Couples have deepened and even met, singles have learned how to transform random encounters into satisfying intimacy. Caretakers and healthcare partitioners have learned to connect and calm their patients, therapists learned tools to integrate with the traditional cognitive modalities and help their clients build physical and emotional intimacy in ways that talking just can't do! I'm super excited to be sharing this information in an online format ~ I hope you will join me!

About Amy Color

I’m Amy Color, Relationship & Intimacy Coach and like all great coaches I’m here to make things easier.

I’m a certified therapist, intimacy coach, TEDx speaker, international clinical trainer, supervisor and more. I saw a need for a solutions-based alternative to conventional talk therapy that addresses intimacy challenges and supports people feeling safe in connecting. I’ve created simple steps based on the brain and nervous system that foster physical and emotional trust. 

I’ve helped close to ten thousand individuals and couples in various stages of life, relationships and physical and mental abilities to feel connected, understood, safe and accepted. Having an intimate connection is healing. Having a coach in your corner is priceless.

The Details

WHEN: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00pm-2:30ish Pacific Standard Time
Tune in LIVE for details and special offers that won’t be available any other time.
The Recording will be available for 3 days for all registrants until Saturday, February 2, 2019.

WHERE: After you register, watch your mailbox where I will send the link to the LIVE ZOOM Webinar. When you join the live zoom class my video will be on and participant’s video is off. All comments and chats will be private and only with me. Your participation is encouraged — in whatever way is right for you.

WHY: Intimacy can be a scary topic and I am here to help make it easier. I’m a sweetheart with a sense of humor so our work together is casual and light. We’ve got this.
I’m giving away my favorite tools because I believe the world is a better place when we feel secure in our connections. And I am passionate about supporting you to feel loved.

WHO: You and You and You and You! Share this with a friend or two. Try saying something like: Well, this looks interesting. Amy is knowledgable, experienced and an approachable sweetheart. Let’s check this out. Maybe there's something in this webinar for you. 

CONTACT AMY: Got a question, comment or idea? Send me a message. Schedule a FREE consultation. I’m thrilled to share this work with the world, your input helps me help others. So, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I look forward to connecting.

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