The 3 Keys To Repair


The 3 Keys To Repair



The course:
This 3 step course is for individuals and couples wanting to understand, repair, strengthen, deepen, expand and secure their intimate connection and have better relationship and sexual satisfaction.

The 3 Keys to Repair helps to deepen, build or rebuild your intimate connection quickly and easily without years of talking about it. Learn in-depth understanding and solutions about intimacy and connection.

What you get:
• This course is delivered to you in 3 videos (90-100 minutes each) of intense, interactive, but light-hearted useful information.
Total running time: 5+ hours

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The 3 Keys To Connection

This Video Course Is For You:

If you want to be comfortable with your partner as you are with your computer.
If you want to be understood, safe, and wanted in your relationship.
If you want to reconnect, deepen, and heal your relationship even if your partner won’t participate.
If you want performance confidence, even if there are physical limitations.
If you want to release shame, secrets, trauma and reclaim your connection and intimacy.
If you want to be teammates instead of roommates.
If you want ‘expand and grow’ instead of feeling like you’re ‘working on it’.

In This Course You Will:

Learn simple techniques to return to connection quickly and easily.
Learn how to feel more passion, heat and desire.
Learn how to stay open to receive and give more with your partner.
Learn your secret language of intimacy.
Build your body’s trust, communication and bond ~ together.
Learn about triggers and how to avoid them.
Use neural plasticity to rewire your body’s memory from past incidents.
Manage shame and other limiting beliefs.
Learn how to repair from betrayal.
Learn how to have difficult conversations.
Learn how to be your partners safe zone.
Learn how to stay connected even when you have young children.
Learn how to manage health and body issues.
Learn how to share adventures safely.
Learn how to have an erotic connection even if there are mental or physical challenges or disabilities.
Learn how to stop toxic patterns and stop fighting without fighting about it.
Gain tools to connect your relationship even if your partner won’t join you.
Release the emotional and physical blocks that inhibit intimate connection.
Learn how to make a memorable encounter.
Learn how to be a great lover and excellent partner.
Bring more pleasure, love and connection to your life.