The Map To Erotic Adventure


The Map To Erotic Adventure


The course:
For individuals and couples wanting to add more sensuality, adventure and erotic variety to their sex life.

This Map To Erotic Adventure is about trust and surrender, intimacy and connection. This course is NOT for couples who have a dungeon in their basement or who are looking for hardcore kink instructions, not that there is anything wrong with that.

What you get:
• This course is delivered to you in 3 videos (30-40 minutes each)

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Mini Erotic Map Boundaries Menu

Variety is the spice of life. This course give you the safety steps and permission to add some spice to your sex life in a way that is right for you. Discover the pleasure in play. This informative, lighthearted yet content rich, mini-course gives you the permission and simple how-to’s to press against your boundaries and add shared erotic adventure to your intimate encounters.

Video 1: 3 Keys To Connection ~ mini-macro-course | Stay curious and you’ll never get bored. 
Learn how Presence, Pleasure & Playback are the three keys that secure your intimate connection building a foundation of trust and vulnerability that makes adding erotic adventure easier. Connection is the foundation of intimacy learnt the simple tools and techniques that make a memorable sexual encounter. This

Video 2: Erotic Adventure | Erotic is the foundation of adventure. Stay curious and you’ll never get bored.
Try it you might like it and if you don’t that is ok too. Face-touching, hair-pulling, spanking, grabbing and role play and a few other things made easy. Learn some simple phrases, tools and how-to’s to safely begin to add some erotic play to your relationship in whatever way is right for you ~ or not!

Video 3: Erotic Menu | Variety is the spice of life
Plan your meal. Barbecue picnic or 6 course elegant gala. Create menus that stir your appetite.