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Mindfulness for Better Intimacy

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Amy Color, Intimacy Therapy Coach, explains the simple sound that connects across distance, overcomes resentment, releases anger, and creates intimacy.


Maybe you (or a partner) have dealt with past issues, yet they still seem to show up during intimate situations. AmyColor.com wants you to learn how and why this happens, what steps to take to help overcome #MeToo moments and others. You truly can to heal yourself and your partner from past incidents.
Imagine a world where people felt understood, loved and secure in their connections with themselves and others. What are your reSolutions? Do they make you feel secure and connected? I'm sharing some/my reSolutions that just might help. I believe people are at their best when they feel connected.
Not everything can be talked about. Tune into your bodies communication, try turning off the words to tune in to each other. #mmhmm - The sound of intimacy. Care for each other so you can be dangerous together.® I'm AmyColor.com Intimacy Coach I help with real intimacy. I'm here to make it easy.

"Why Can't He Open Up And Talk To Me? It's driving me crazy... like I'm living alone." Feel like you are talking to the air? Maybe you've been together for years. Perhaps you've gone to therapy. Maybe you are just getting started and you've hit a silent wall.
Physical intimacy expresses and builds your bodies communication bond and trust, it's what makes you feel connected and leaves you wanting more. #AskAmyColor says stay present, let your partner know in their body that they are wanted, desired, safe and loved. #mmhmm AmyColor.com wants everyone to feel more pleasure, satisfaction and aliveness.
Jealousy can sometimes be a reflection of the relationship more than the individual. 1. "I don't care if he's jealous, that's his problem not mine." 2. "I work with Lola, we are colleagues I don't know what 'her'(wife's) problem is." 3. "I don't mix personal with business.

AmyColor.com Intimacy Therapy Coach I help couples can redefine and/or renegotiate their intimacy and learn the skills to be delicious intimate partners and lovers, instead of roommates, in a way that is just right for them. #mmhmm I've helped thousands of men learn to be amazing lovers, even when there are erectile challenges.
Sex and intimacy are not the same thing. I'm AmyColor.com intimacy therapy coach, TEDx speaker, international trainer, clinical supervisor. My simple, realistic, user friendly (aka 'man friendly') tips and tools foster physical and emotional intimacy ~ without just talking about it.
Intimacy is what we all crave. Intimacy is the trust and trust requires a connection. Learn the 3 Keys that make your connection real, delicious and memorable. It does not matter how often you are 'doing it' it matters that it was intimately connected and leaves you both wanting more.

Men and women think penises are supposed to be perpetually hard. It's normal for a mans rigidity to fluctuate during sex. FYI, women have the same fluctuating engorgement of their genitals it's just not as obvious.
The diagnosis for premature ejaculation: Almost always ejaculating within one minute of penetration. Lots of guys think they have P.E. but what they really have is a lack of experience and skills.
The word "mood" means state of mind. Turn-off her mind to turn-on her body. Learn 4 tips here.

The worst thing about a sexless relationship is, whether its resentment, betrayal or sexual challenges, it puts distance between partners who feel left out. The good news: you can absolutely reconnect.

Tired Of Your Sexless Marriage? Here's A 4-Step Exercise To Get Your Sex Life Back On Track. The worst thing about a sexless relationship is, wether its resentment, betrayal or sexual challenges, it puts distance between partners who feel left out and might refuse to even come to the table.
Erectile Disfunction affects approximately 10% of men per decade of life. Statistic says 65% of women don't orgasm from penetration anyways. So men, please stop being so hard on yourself.

Amy Live

TEDx Stanley Park
Amy presents "Better Intimacy For Her, Better Sex For Him & Vice Versa" in this full-length informative and entertaining TED Talk.

Amy talks on Vancouver Real about real tools and techniques that foster intimacy. Wordless methods keep you grounded and connected. Hosted by Andy and Mike Zaremba.

Watch the full video (52:14 run time).


MM-hmm. The sound of intimacy.
I've discovered that that simple, sensual sound Mm-hmm can also dramatically increase intimacy, connection and delicious sexual pleasure. Mm-hmm.

Intimacy, connection and sex can't just be talked about. They need to be experienced. I'm going to share some tools that foster intimacy, without using the f word - feelings.

Curiosity. Too often variety is only thought of as multiple partners. Allow variety to include all of your tools; imagination, tongues, fingers and toys. Stay curious about what gives you pleasure and you'll never get bored.

The Candy Dish.
You know how when you're about to eat delicious chocolate you slow down and Mm-hmm? The sound and your salivary glands cue your whole body for memorable, delicious, pleasure. Sounds good before you even taste it.

How to feel sexually confident.
Even with busy schedules or erectile challenges you've got everything you need to have a delicious, intimate, sex life. Amy mixes her compassion, humor, clinical training and extensive experience as she shares simple repeatable tools that foster deep emotional and physical intimacy.

The lone sport of watching something as intensely erotic as porn might affect your sex life. AmyColor.com Intimacy Therapy Coach respectfully calls it 'over porning' she wants you to feel like winning teammates.


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