The Delicious Intimacy Weekend Workshop for Couples

Whether you have a 'great sex life!' or a ‘what’s a sex life?' This workshop is for you. 

Deepen your physical and emotional bond, without just talking about it!

Have the intimacy you want ~ together. Stay securely connected while managing and honouring your individual wants, needs and desires.

  • By following Amy's mostly wordless simple repeatable recipes you will deepen and secure your emotional and physical trust, communication and bond, no matter what your appetite.

  • Explore and experience the wordless connection exercises for couples in conflict. Learn the daily repair exercise that has helped thousands to feel connected no matter what stage of life or relationship they are facing. I refer to it as the “heart of the home” - the kitchen of your relationship.

  • Variety is the spice of life. Learn to add a pinch of that or a pat of butt-her without upsetting the balance of tastes aka your encounter or relationship. How do you properly turn on your oven, or use the wooden spoon? How do you tell if the chestnuts are roasting or just angry? Sometimes even the chestnuts don’t know. I will show you respectfully. Laugh while you learn and leave with realistic tools and gourmet skills.

Trust me. We got this.

There will be bacon for breakfast and chocolate for desert. A truth and a metaphor. "Amy makes everything fun, easy and safe" and I might add; tasty and easy to follow and swallow. 

Who should come... 

Everyone. You deserve this. Who doesn't want the basic recipe for a delicious life of intimacy!? Brought to you with Amy's sense of humour, care and sprinkles of wits. 
It's for all couples, all orientations, newlyweds to 'is this thing on?' Whether your dripping in luscious sauces of delicious secure intimacy or eating the same thing every week or starving for scraps these recipes work for all appetites.

Better intimacy. better sex.

  • Fill your toolbox with curiosity, tools and techniques.
    Build a solid foundation of sexual confidence for a lifetime of intimacy ~ together.

  • Increase your relationship and sexual satisfaction.

  • Reignite a sexless marriage or expand your connection.

  • Learn simple techniques to stay physically connected and curious through life, resentment, stress, kids, affairs, trauma or when dealing with sexual challenges

I was skeptical, but we got more out of one workshop than we got out of years of therapy! We can’t thank you enough.
— N & M

This Workshop is for you

Maybe the thought of going to a therapist scares you or doesn't feel right to your partner, so you are walking on egg shells, afraid that talking about 'it' might bring up more issues. Men & Women love my information, tools, techniques, humour, style and delivery. 

If you want...

  • to deepen your physical and emotional bond, without talking about it.

  • more sexual pleasure and confidence in your life and relationship.

  • to recover from betrayal, addiction or trauma.

  • to heal from sexual or health challenges.

  • to stay connected while you navigate life.

  • to manage mismatched libidos or expectations.

  • to get out of your habitual rut of ‘doing it' the way you did when you met.

You will... 

  • learn intimate dialogue techniques so that even your conversations will be delicious rather than a to-do list.

  • leave with the tools and techniques to keep your menu interesting ~ in whatever way is right for you.

  • leave with simple tools that quickly take you from distraction to connection.

What they say about you is true. You care and know what you are doing. We both felt completely comfortable, finally.
— P & P
Sex isn’t always gratifying. You make it gratifying and easy even when it’s not so hard, lol. You’re a life saver for 55 and over and over.
— Tom & Rozy
Amy makes everything safe.

I have special offers to make this an extra juicy irresistible game changing weekend.

The workshop | May 25-27 | $1500

Learn to be intimate as you cook up the three courses to a memorable, delicious, intimate sex life.


THE APPETIZER | Friday, May 25 | 6:00p-9:00p
Feel warm, welcomed, safe and ready to leave the outside world behind. Meet Amy. Set boundaries. Review intentions. Learn the simple moves that cue your whole body for memorable delicious pleasure. We start in a space where you are safe no matter what your situation. You will feel in the same mood, on the same team, dancing to the same song and ready with presence for all the good things that come next, with Amy's kind, lighthearted, knowledgable care.

Real food of tea and nibbles will be served.

THE MAIN COURSE | Saturday, May 26
Session: 9:00a-12:30p | Lunch break: 12:30-2:00 | Session: 2:00-5:30p
Learn to express your pleasure ~ Learn to read your partner's pleasure.
Pleasure is the main event. Explore intimate physical pleasure, that feels good for both of you, simple, clothed exercises give you real usable skills and sexual confidence. Fun, funny, informative easy to do and try. 

Delicious hot breakfast and coffee will be served, for real. You are on your own to explore the divine local restaurants for lunch.

Coffee and sweets in the afternoon. 

THE DESSERT | Sunday, May 27
Session: 9:00a-12:30p | Lunch break: 12:30-2:00 | Session: 2:00-5:30p
The cherry on top is what makes that meal memorable, where the mm-hmm of it sticks with you for a while. It's what makes the intimate encounter feel completely satisfying. You will learn the key to lock this juicy, delicious, yummy connection into your bodies so that every time you think of it, you smile, and look forward to having more.

Delicious hot breakfast and coffee will be served, for real. You are on your own to explore the divine local restaurants for lunch.

Coffee and sweets in the afternoon. 

Sprinkled throughout:
Variety is the spice of life. Learn the ins-n-outs of some of the most common curiosities without having to ask, like hair-pulling, kissing, ouch, oh yes, spanking, how to touch, where's that spot, and the ever so popular "You want what!?" and more, with my sense of humor you will laugh, learn and grin.  

All demonstrations are respectful, entertaining and informative.

Realistic tools to stay physically connected, even when life has you feeling distant. 

Dress comfortably and in layers for air conditioning and fluctuating temperatures.

About Your Intimacy Therapy Coach, Amy Color

Amy Color is a TEDx speaker, intimacy therapy coach, international trainer and clinical supervisor. Her unique techniques repair and deepen intimacy and connection. She gives couples tools that foster deep physical intimacy. Amy is a Certified Therapist. 

Amy saw a need for a solutions based sex therapy that addresses and supports couples with sexual issues with their physical connection. This work is based on two decades of training and experience. She’s created tools for safe connection and techniques for actual sexual satisfaction and has worked internationally with over 10k couples and individuals at every stage of life and every sort of sexuality and relationship in her private practice as Amy Color, Intimacy Therapist.

She is known for her entertaining, information, nurturing, powerful, presence, great puns and respectful yet somewhat bawdy sense of humor. Recently described as the Oprah of Intimacy, a cross between Mae West and Dr. Ruth. Amy Color has created simple protocols that when repeated make lasting positive impact, real life solutions for real life intimacy in real life relationships.


Hotel Le Soleil, in breathtaking Vancouver, BC, Canada
An intimate, luxury boutique in the heart of Vancouver's business and shopping districts.
567 Hornby St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2E8
+1 604 632 3000
Special room rates are available on first come first serve basis. 
Valet parking $9 per day is available. Not including overnight stays.
Contact for details and booking information. 

taken from 2 hour workshop page:

In the 2 hour workshop, LEARN:

Tools that foster intimacy ~ for better sex

  • What are The 3 Steps of Satisfying Sex.

  • How better intimacy makes better sex.

  • What is intimacy vs sex.

  • Non-verbal tools that foster intimacy.

  • Simple techniques that synchronize and connect us.

  • Conscious touch.

  • Harness that sexy and alive feeling, even when you do not have a partner.

  • How to bring your partner back to connection in intimate moments.

  • Express pleasure and ask for what you want.

  • Be present and keep your partner present.

  • Build curiosity.

  • Stay connected even when you’re apart, with ways other than sexting.

In the 4 hour Workshop, also:

  • What are The 3 Steps of Satisfying Sex.

  • How to have intimate conversation.

  • How to keep intimacy alive.

  • Harness your sexual energy to benefit all parts of your life.

reserve your space • Limited to 10 couples

Contact Amy for more information or a FREE consultation. 
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I have special offers to make this an extra juicy irresistible game changing weekend. I look forward to connecting. 

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A Note From Amy

My Mission: Support connection with grace, ease, and respect for all parties involved.

I am dedicated to the highest degree of security, clarity, and integrity for all workshops, participants and attendees. Your comfort is my priority. 
There is no group sharing, no nudity, no explicit sexual touching in the workshops. 
This is logical, scientific, and heart centered, not religious or spiritually based. 

You can have the physical connection you've always wanted without just talking about it.

We all need a little support when it comes to intimacy. 
I understand and I'm here to help. 
You are safe in my respectful, experienced hands. 

Already seeing a therapist? I am a certified therapist who saw the need and created a mostly wordless, repeatable therapy protocol which address physical intimacy. Feeling securely bonded often soothes personal and relationship conflicts making them dissipate or easier to address. This workshop will in fact support other therapies. You are in good hands. 

Partial list of health issues that are addressed with deep intimate connection: Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, depression, blood pressure, stroke, PTSD. 

This  workshop is open to all couples of all sexual orientations.