• The Anonymous men's Course •

winNing sex & intimacy

Just like on the field when it comes to intimacy the more you practice good sportsmanship the more you get to play. 

Join this anonymous online live video course from the privacy of your own computer with Amy Color, Intimacy Therapy Coach. I've studied and simplified the science of love, chemistry of desire and anatomy of pleasure. This is a safe, engaging, way to learn the ins-n-outs of deeply satisfying intimacy and great sex, in a relationship or not. Learn the techniques to last longer, tips that create desire and how to always leave 'em wanting more.  

With Zoom video you will be able to see and hear me. Your camera and microphone will be off while you use chat to comment or send questions. Completely anonymous from the privacy of your own space and computer. 

who is amy color?

I'm a TEDx speaker, intimacy therapy coach, international trainer and clinical supervisor. My unique (mostly wordless) techniques have successfully helped thousands of men increase their confidence, experience sexual satisfaction through deepen intimacy and connection. I saw the need for solutions based sex therapy and I created tools that foster emotional and sexual intimacy, in a way that is right for you. I hold multiple therapeutic certifications including specializing in sexual trauma and addictions.

"Amy loves, understands and helps men."

THE ANonymous men's class

Men talk with me about everything and anything, and you can to.
I will talk on topic for 30 minutes, followed by 30-45 minutes of live comments and Q&A. Your live chat comments and questions are encouraged the more you comment and ask the more everyone will learn. There is no nudity in this course. 

This class is for you 

Most men aren't comfortable asking for directions let alone relationship and sex advice. Men would rather go see a working woman than talk to a therapist. This makes sense to me. Just talking is not really going to help you feel wanted, desired or give you the confidence in sex and relationships like you really need. Words and emotions can feel like a trap. You don't want to talk about sex. You want to get in, win the game and be the MVP!

The full package | What's included

Upon signing up you will receive your Play Book. This workbook includes quizes and exercises so that you can get the most out of this class. 

During the class, I will lead you through exercises. This is where you will learn how to last longer, get bigger, and play more often.  

You will receive over 12 hours of live video classes. The videos will be made available for download. 

I am available for support. Should you find that you need additional personal support, course participants receive discounts on private sessions.

Upon completion of this course

You will be scoring in a win-win way.
Have exercises to last longer, get bigger and play more often. 
You'll be able to quiet the mind, lists and inner critic. 
Learn how to use porn to up your game instead of merely watching.  
Know what to do when there is an equipment failure.
Know about the three parts that make any sexual encounter amazing. 
How to have delicious intimate sexual partnership.
How to be teammates even if you like different sports. 

The Season Schedule

Month 1 | What does amy know that i don't?

WEEK 1 | What is sexual satisfaction?
Why is sex so hard to talk about? 
The 3 parts of f*n awesome winning sexual encounter.
WEEK 2 | Foreplay made easy.
Consent is sexy. Get your 'head' in the game. 
What is foreplay and why should you do it? 
WEEK 3 | Real sexual pleasure. Refereeing with the inner critic. 
What about getting hard and last longer? 
Learn the difference between having a full body multi-level orgasm and cumming.  
WEEK 4 | Afterglow.
What to do after you score to always leave 'em wanting more.
You know that victory dance after making a touchdown? That, but better. 

Month 2 | be the best sex she's ever had

WEEK 5 | Initiating in a way she says yes yes yes!!
You're not being rejected, maybe it's the way you're initiating that is a turn-off.
How to get her turned-on and initiating. 
WEEK 6 | Sex with another human vs masturbation. 
How do porn sites, dating sites and side dishes affect your sex life.
Learn an exercise for using porn to hone your lasting longer techniques. It works! 
Managing male performance pressure and the long lists of unspoken expectations.
WEEK 7 | Exploring erotic pleasure, dominance and power.
Sensual touch and hair pulling 101. 
How to score big with some 'slap-and-tickle'. 
WEEK 8 | Anatomy of your equipment.
How to spin the ball for maximum distance.
What to do when there are chronic or the occasional erectile challenges or premature ejaculation.
How to get bigger, last longer and what to do in overtime.  

Month 3 | F*n help that is not just about f*n talking.

WEEK 9 | Shame the defense. 
Where do fantasies come from?
What's the difference between a fantasy and a kink.
How and when to approach a partner about exploring. 
WEEK 10 | How to explore erotic boundaries without receiving a penalty. 
Talk dirty to Men. 
Lingerie, toys, role play and negotiating your relationship. 
WEEK 11 | How to play the last hole. 
Prostate health, anal pleasure, pegging and more because every man wants to know. 
WEEK 12 | Anatomy of her gear for multiple wins all season. 
Learn the plays and zones she may not even know about!
Knowledge is power and the g-spot is real. 

winNing sex & intimacy
The Anonymous men's Course

SEPTEMBER START | TUESDAYS | 7:00 - 8:15pm Pacific Standard Time
Attend LIVE on September 4, 11, 18 and 25.
Videos will be made available for download and are included with your registration.

PAST participants rave

"I just started and I can already feel more control over my erection and ejaculation. I can't believe how comfortable I felt in a workshop. You're the real deal." | Raj 20s

"I take your wisdom to heart. You do an outstanding job of communicating. You are fun and easy to follow. I appreciate you and all you do. Mwah!"  | Perry 40s

"When she asked if I was good in bed I confidently said ‘I know how to take you, and read your every pleasure' thanks Amy!" | Rudy 30s

"Great information, entertaining class. I wish I'd had this in my 20s." | John age 70s

"I've recommended the Hero Hold to friends. Your work is much needed." | Kent 40s

"You are totally genuine in what you preach and in who you really are." | Paul 50s

i'm here if you need me! (optional)

You're welcome to contact Amy for more information or a FREE 20 minute consultation. 

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A Note From Amy

My Mission: Support You with grace, ease, and respect for all parties involved.

I am dedicated to the highest degree of security, clarity, and integrity for all, participants and attendees. Your comfort is my priority. 
There is no group sharing, no nudity, no explicit sexual touching in the class. 
This is logical, scientific, and heart centered, not religious or spiritually based. 

You can have the physical connection you've always wanted without just talking about it.

We all need a little support when it comes to intimacy. 
I understand and I'm here to help. 
You are safe in my respectful, experienced hands. 

Partial list of issues that are addressed for men through deep intimate connection: Loneliness, depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, blood pressure, sleep disorders, PTSD, inflammation, life purpose, job satisfaction, body confidence. 

This class is open to all men in any relationship status and of all sexual orientations who are 19 years of age or older. I agree to the Terms of Use.