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That was remarkable... I can’t believe You exist... I thought M and I were doomed to a life of co-habitating and ‘groping quickies’. Ha! I’m telling my mom, friends - everyone needs this! ...and thanks for the (partner) shoulder stretches.
— Karen, wife & mother

Thank you again for a great session, along with the amazing support / advice provided! I certainly look forward to our next meeting!
— G.

Thanks again for your help. It opened our eyes and gave us some ideas. We’ve definitely had a lot to talk about since we met you. Much better connected in spite of having two kids.
— K & R
That was the most enlightening two hours we have had since we met 25 years ago... we held hands and hummed across the Atlantic. We love you. Will organize a group and bring you to us.
— Elle & Marco, married 25 years

Things are going better and we enjoy each other a lot - even more. Thank you for everything, we so enjoyed our experience with you, and the pain relief (in my back) for a few days.
— B & M

You taught me to be in the moment, and the skills to use that no one else could. I see the world differently now cuz of what you taught me about myself, my sex life is better, my behavior is better, and I can’t wait to see you again. I just thought I’d let you know I truly understand the ‘being in the experience’ part of sex now, that is what is important, and not the action itself. Because of this I will always want and continue to see you just to help ground me and keep my values and skills around sex on point. So just thank you so much for everything and I will contact you in the near future for an appointment.
— Paul

Thank you for being so understanding and helping me with porn and feeling more comfortable with girls. I understood what you were saying and I’m practicing and doing my homework. I’ll be sending my roommate... so we can both get girlfriends this summer lol.
— Brad, 24

Thank you for an amazing session yesterday and also for your advice and guidance. It was good to talk about porn addiction and also to share about relationship issues in a supportive environment. It was amazing.
— P.S., individual married 20 years

Since our session with you we have been practicing and doing the sound. We learned a lot, have trust and are finally talking about sex, fantasies and porn. I cant believe how comfortable we were with you, going to see you was the best decision, as you said, going to a sex therapist and talking about it wouldn’t have helped, I would not have known what I was missing without your bold directions. Thank You Amy you made us feel comfortable and you are funny knowledgeable and I think you saved our relationship.
— M & B, High school sweethearts married 24 years

Thank you so much for our wonderful experience last weekend. I feel it brought us closer and made him cling to me more. It certainly paved the way for more open conversations and deeper levels of intimacy. I am happy that we went through with the experience and we both thank you for helping us. Coming into the session, he was quite frustrated with me about not relaxing. By the end of the session, I felt like a different person.
— L & N, married 2.5 years

We saw one of Amy’s articles through Facebook, and contacted her. She was very professional and spoke with each of us on the phone. Each visit started with us dialoguing a few sentences that she gave us about our views on life, intimacy and sex, we talked a lot more about them at home. The rest of the sessions were mostly quiet except for Amy directing us. She is professional, funny and an awesome hugger. She understood us, had us hugging, breathing and laughing and we felt reconnected quickly and even though Amy is there directing, it felt like it was just us. We did movement, standing and pushing on each other it was like dancing and wrestling, and we can’t do either of those. I think Amy was doing it with us, I can’t remember. She is amazing at being present and being invisible at the same time, if that makes sense. We could not wait for our second session and talked a lot about our first session. Next session we did massages, my husband loved this part, her directing me to find what he might like, even he learned about how it all works, what he did like surprised us both. I had requested to learn about orgasms as I rarely ever had them. In our third session she was more hands on than we had expect, but completely professional and appropriate showing both of us the mechanics and techniques, my husband was fascinated, she made it easy and casual . She is extremely knowledgable, hilariously funny, clinical yet in a sexy way. We will explore what we have learned and with two small kids it’s so hard to find the time, we plan to see her every couple of months just to make sure we have the time to work on us. I can’t say enough good things. We did not know what we did not know. We thought we were coming to fix what was fizzling out that we would leave and go back to our pre kid sex life, but we are both glad that we have so much.
— G & C, married 8 years

Amy Color is a hoot, and she gives the best suggestions for keeping things active in the bedroom, after 22 years of marriage.
— Dawn & Richard, married 22 years

An indescribable experience, we got more out of three hours with you than all our years in sex therapy.
— Steve & Betty, married 30 years

We have two kids, two jobs, no time and my husband took us to see Amy, I was a sceptic to say the least. We left there feeling like we had been on a romantic vacation, we can’t wait to plan our menus.
— J & S, married 9 years

We learned so many things, I am so glad we found you, you showed me how to do things we really wanted to know, and it was still so easy to talk to you. She really liked you. Our sex life is back!
— K & S, married 2 years
I’m learning to open my heart and be a giver and a receiver, you showed me how to trust my body and share it. You are a healer, this is a gift you need to share with others.
— Luis, Professor age 52
Some people are lucky to know a lot about a little. You know a lot about a lot.
— John of J & L
Amy, you taught me so much about standing in my own power. I am forever grateful. You Rock
— Nancy B

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